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Dear potential member,

We would like to thank you for considering being a member of the Bridlington Tourism Association and wanted to let you know what you get for your membership. Our Association represents Tourism providers in Bridlington and surrounding area including Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts, Self-catering, Holiday Parks, Restaurants, Pubs and Attractions.

  1. Quarterly Meetings to keep you informed of the latest in regulations, grants, events, local development information, legal issues and speakers etc.
  2. Contact with our hoteliers, guest house, self-catering and other tourism owners offers an opportunity to speak to experienced members for help and advice.
  3. Liaison between the Association and the Police means we find out and ring round or e-mail if there are anticipated problems.
  4. Email up-dates for bad guest alerts (which can save you the loss of payment and the hassle of repairs), scams, offers, local events happening and posters etc. to keep you in the know.
  5. Quality standards of the BTA are accepted by ERYC thus allowing advertising in the Bridlington Guide and bookings via the Tourist Information Centre's. Inspections to your establishment are carried out by the BTA committee (normally every two years) and are included in the membership fee so saving hundreds of pounds being inspected by Visit Britain/AA (You will not be star rated).
  6. Membership also entitles you to a 50% discount in the Bridlington Guide, a saving of £250 upwards.
  7. Keeping everyone up to date with free/subsidized training information, grants and business seminars.
  8. Donating money each year to tourist based events and groups so improving the facilities in the town and generating more visitors and over-night stays to help us all, such as the World Pool Competition.
  9. Providing an advertising entry onto the Association's website which offers among many other attributes.
  10. Social and charity events that will enable you to get to know other members and build lasting friendships.
  11. The BTA working in conjunction with Visit Hull & East Yorkshire to provide the 'Bridlington Passport' - a discount card scheme for the benefit of guests staying with a BTA establishment giving them amazing discounts around Bridlington and the surrounding area for Shops, Attractions, Restaurants etc. 
  12. Regular contact with the local authority and other groups through local forum meetings and Boards to help us influence local decision making, represent the views of our members and also gaining information for our members.
  13. Corporate membership to East Riding Leisure Bridlington for £27 a month for their Premier membership which is usually £33 per month, this alone is worth being a member, saving £72 a year.

We do hope you feel we provide a benefit to you all.

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